The Most Ambitious Project in the History of Black America​

A digital experience for unifying Black America and using Web 3.0 to upgrade democracy

What is UBA?

At Unified Black America (UBA), our mission is to create a cohesive and empowering culture that connects and uplifts Black Americans and the African diaspora


A Metaverse run and managed in the new capital of Black America headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, making it a legal entity.


The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) oversees the UBA metaverse, virtual offices (Black Congress, departments, etc.)


Cryptocurrency provides an economic framework for equity and ownership.


Consolidated purchasing platform for Black businesses via AR/VR and digital transactions.

A Platform for a Better America

The resources we need to thrive.

Purchase goods and services from us.

Mobile and Easy to Use

Accessible to all of us nationally.

Upgrading Democracy

A game that we can win true liberty.

Recent Posts

We have an unprecedented opportunity to forge a new path before it's too late

Here’s why…

Over 47 Million people identify with the Black American Culture, and we have every tool we need to solve our own problems.

The U.S. Federal Government has less than 9 Million People, and they govern the whole country.

What’s the difference?

They are all working together, and we are not. Web 3.0 is an opportunity for us to come together before we get left behind again.

We believe that democracy is software and outdated. With your help, we can upgrade it for all of us to live better lives and become better citizens.

We are about unity

The current process of governing Black America is broken, demoralizing, and unfair, resulting in generations of Black citizens being left behind. We’re falling behind on every statistic. Younger Black Americans live with or die of many conditions found in white Americans at older ages.

The lead is too large for us to catch up playing the same game the same way. It’s time for us to design a new game.

The UBA Era

April 2022
UBA Founded

UBA founded to upgrade democracy.

April 2022
UBA Website Launched

We launched the website so that we can communicate the vision. 

August 2022
Partnership with Voxel X

Unified Black America 'UBA' officially listed onto Voxel X Network 

Q4 2022
UBA Black Deliverance Summit (Start)

Bringing together Black America in person to officially launch.

Q3 2023
UBA Black Deliverance Summit (End)

Bringing together Black America in person to officially launch.

Q4 2023
UBA Metaverse Launch
An individualized metaverse for Black America built on the 4 pillars of UBA.
Q1 2030
UBA Open-Sourced for Other Cultures

We want to help elevate America to upgrade democracy. 


Most frequent questions and answers

UBA was organized by a team of founders who believe that America’s future will require all of its citizens to play a vital role in sustaining freedom. 

No. UBA is an inclusive platform designed to elevate Black Americans based on the premise that democracy is software, and it’s time for an upgrade using cryptocurrency, AI, AR, and VR. In 2030, we will open-source and replicate our platform for other cultures.

We are in the early stages of establishing the structure and model for governing black Americans. We plan to launch the Metaverse in the Fall of 2023. We will post a more detailed roadmap in the coming weeks. 

We are creating a platform for governing Black America that works with America, not against it. We believe in the ideals that America was founded on, and we are doing our best to produce better citizens that can contribute to the future of our nation. 

UBA will focus on the economic, social, health, tech, media, love and education empowerment of Black America. We have fallen behind in every statistic and need a new game to play that elevates Black America and the entire nation. 

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